Strategic Information Management Unit


Strategic Information Management Unit (SIMU) at Goa State AIDS Control Society to maximize effective use of all available data/information and prepare evidence based action plan for effectual implementation of HIV/AIDS Programme in the state.  The output from SIMU addresses strategic planning, monitoring and evaluation, surveillance and assist in tracking the HIV/AIDS epidemic and the effectiveness of the response as well as assess how well SACS and its partner organizations are fulfilling their commitment to meet agreed objectives.

Strategic Information Management System

NACO in its third HIV/AIDS programme introduced SIMS at national and state levels as it was felt that the data from HIV Sentinel Surveillance and Computerized Management Information System (CMIS) are not sensitive enough to detect the emerging hot spots of the epidemic because the data entry is offline. SIMS is an on-line system at national and state levels to focus on strategic planning, monitoring, evaluation, surveillance and research. It is aimed to provide effective tracking and response to HIV epidemic. This system assigns clear responsibilities to all programme officers and facilitates data flow and feedback at various levels. Also being on-line data entry in SIMS, the data accessibility at each level will increase.


  • Web-based application for data entry at various levels including Reporting Unit (RU), District & State,
  • Provides differential data management rights to various users
  • Ability to serve multiple users, data systems and data set versions
  • Workflow similar to physical reporting system, but automatic aggregation to reduce manual error
  • Both online and offline modes of data entry
  • Once data is entered at the RU level, all higher levels can view the data in real time
  • Ensures data quality checks across various reporting level


Non Government Organizations for Targeted Interventions for outreach coverage, facility linkage, commodity distribution, staffing and training. CHC/PHC/PPP for testing results, inventory management. Blood Banks for reporting of collection, status of testing, blood component/discarded details, stock positions. ICTC/PPTCT for service volume, profile of positives, in and out referrals. STI Clincs for reporting coverage of services, inventory management. State AIDS Control Societies to monitor all the routine programme reporting from various reporting units in the state through SIMS.